Tahiti Tiare Program®

Tahiti Tiare Program®
General Information

The Tahiti Tiare Program® is the official destination specialist program for the Islands of Tahiti. The program is named after the islands' emblematic flower: the Tiare Tahiti and was created by Tahiti Tourisme North America (TTNA) to provide Retail Travel Agents with a thorough and comprehensive online training program on The Islands of Tahiti.

Travel professionals have one year to complete the program’s three requirements. Once completed, they will be rewarded with the Certified Tahiti Specialist® status.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Tahiti Specialist® include,

  • Free consumer leads from our website
  • Marketing tools (flyer and email templates)
  • Access to preferred hotel rates for personal FAM trips
  • Access to FAM trips
  • Opportunity for more benefits!

The Tahiti Tiare Program® offers additional benefits on a tiered basis that is dependent on your progress in the program. There is NO cost to be part of the Tahiti Tiare Program®.


The Tahiti Tiare Program® is exclusively for Retail Travel Agents, fully licensed to legally sell travel in North America and based in North America (USA, Canada or Mexico). TTNA reserves the right to request proof of eligibility at any time.


Step 1: Register in the Tahiti Tiare Program®
Visit our website, www.TahitiTiareAgent.com. Click on "Not registered, click here to register!" to complete the registration form.
* * * You will receive an email to confirm your account has been activated. * * *
This process can take up to two-business days. Do not login until you’ve received your confirmation email.

Step 2: View the online destination presentation
Once your account has been activated, log into your account and click on the banner where it says "Start the Tahiti Tiare Program®" to view the online destination presentation and complete the short quizzes.


• FAM trip to the Islands of Tahiti

Travel to the Islands of Tahiti on an organized or independent FAM trip and visit a minimum of any 3 islands of Tahiti. Once you return from your trip, you must update your profile with your FAM trip details. Your preferred Tahiti Tour Operator is a great resource for an organized FAM. TTNA reserves the right to request proof of travel at anytime.

• Make a minimum of $30,000 in bookings to the Islands of Tahiti

Book a minimum of $30,000 in gross sales to the Islands of Tahiti within 12 months of your registration date in the program. Details for each booking must be entered into your profile for credit. Personal trips do not qualify as booking credit. Booking can be packages (air with land, cruise, or land and cruise), land only, or cruise only. For cruise bookings, embarkation and disembarkation port must be Tahiti/PPT. Only bookings for which a deposit has been made or bookings paid in full apply. TTNA reserves the right to request proof of booking at anytime.

The FAM trip and bookings can be completed in any order. We strongly encourage that you input your requirements as they are completed, as we regularly monitor ongoing progress.

Upon completion of the program's requirements will you become a Certified Tahiti Specialist®.


Tiered Program Requirements and Benefits

  Annual Booking Requirements Level Benefits
Level 1
$30,000 to $99,999 • Basic website listing
• (Dedicated Islands of Tahiti required to be linked from our website)
• Consumer Leads
• Marketing tools (flyer and email templates)
• Access to preferred hotel rates for personal FAM trips
• Access to TTNA and Partner FAM trips
Level 2
$100,000 to $499,999 • All of the above plus,
• Increased number of leads
• Priority access to TTNA and Partner FAM trips
Level 3

$500,000 to $999,999 • All of the above plus,
• Enhanced website listing with Top Seller mention
• TTNA's assistance for personal FAM trip
• Invitation to participate at TTNA's select events or tradeshow
Level 4

$100,000,000 and over • All of the above plus,
• Co-op marketing and advertising assistance
• Dedicated micro site / landing page on TTNA's website


Tahiti Tiare Agent’s® have one year (from registration date for the program) to complete the program’s requirements. Should you need more time, extensions may be granted.
Accounts that remain inactive for a period of one-year are automatically deleted.


All program members (Certified Tahiti Specialist® and Tahiti Tiare Agent®) are responsible for maintaining their profile and account information, whether it is inputting your bookings, fam details, contact information, agency name, etc. It is especially important for Certified Tahiti Specialist® to maintain their profile and account information because this is the information that appears on their listing on our website, www.Tahiti-Tourisme.com.


Certified Tahiti Specialist’s® are required to input their bookings totaling a minimum of $30,000 in gross sales on an annual basis (January 1st to December 31st) to maintain their status in the program. Certified Tahiti Specialist’s® that do not input their bookings will forfeit their certified status.


Tahiti Tiare Program® is the official destination specialist program.
Tahiti Tiare Agent® is a Travel Agent in the process of completing the Tahiti Tiare Program®.
Certified Tahiti Specialist® is a Tahiti Tiare Agent® that has completed the requirements of to Tahiti Tiare Program®.


For additional information or questions, please contact the Tahiti Tiare Program® Manager:
Tekura Kelley
Phone (310) 414-8484 x229

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